Welcome to All ID's By Rol-N

Established in 1996, All ID's by Rol-N sees and services identification products such as FARGO, Polaroid, Zebra, Datacard, EVOLIS, and Magicard. We evaluate your company and recommend the proper equipment to fit your needs. All ID's by Rol-N also customizes and supplies badges for any type of business, school or special functions, these badges are available at our office or onsite.

What we do.

Service bureau to facilitate local entities to produce identification badges for schools, companies or special events. We support our clients to decide proper equipment to fit their needs to satisfy their employees. We build ID's with added features by using bar codes, magnetic strip, smart chips or RIF chip encoded cards to track time and attendance or other functions required to your specific needs.

Local Personalized Training

Local individual and/or group training. We serve our clients with the utmost technical support through our products, in which we provide our customer with walk through predetermined step by step technical support process. Our installation and training is far more intense and productively better than our competitor.